A Couple of Leadership Questions

I was asked recently by a student at a local theology school the following questions on leadership. I thought they were interesting questions, so I wanted to post them here for you:

What is your understanding of “leadership” and what characteristics do you consider most important?

A leader must have integrity and live authentically. 

A leader must embody the values he calls others to follow. 

A leader must be able to inspire through words and deeds. 

A leader must be patient with those he wants to take with him. Ordinarily leaders move at a pace that is faster than others. Leaders must slow down in order to bring others with them. 

What are the greatest challenges facing leaders today?

Busy-ness and unfounded expectations. Too often leaders are busy with non-essentials. The reason they stay occupied with non-essentials is that often they are doing what is expected of them by their followers. Leaders must be about a core set of values/initiatives and stay with them regardless of the expectations  others place upon them.

Billy HumphreyComment