In October 2004, Billy Humphrey, along with a small core team, planted IHOP Atlanta hopeful that the Lord would build the house of prayer.

They started with 40 hours of worship and prayer weekly and as God added to their numbers, they added more worship and prayer. Within the first year they expanded their weekly prayer and worship meetings to 120 hours a week. By the grace of God, on February 12, 2006 the IHOP Atlanta prayer room went 24/7.

The worship and prayer meeting that began on February 12, 2006 continues to this day. God has continued to gather people from around the nation to see that the fire on the altar never goes out. Our hearts are full of gratitude and wonder at all the Lord has done and continues to do in this place of ceaseless devotion. 



Today the mission base continues to steward 24/7 worship and prayer at the center of a vibrant church family. IHOP Atlanta has now planted mission bases in six nations of the earth.

In 2012, the Lord made it clear that the IHOP Atlanta mission base was to train and send missionaries to the hardest and darkest parts of the earth. Through a partnership with the ACTS School in Colorado Springs, IHOP Atlanta launched TASK School of Frontier missions. TASK has now planted mission bases founded in worship and prayer in six nations. 

In 2018, the Lord once again called IHOP Atlanta to expand its focus. Through a series of prophetic words it became clear that IHOP Atlanta and New Bridge Church were to merge, becoming one local spiritual family.