Billy Humphrey was born on August 15, 1970 in Summit, NJ. In 1988, Billy gave his life to the Lord and in 1994. Billy transitioned into ministry full time and became a youth pastor at Victory World Church in Norcross, GA.

In 2002 the Lord visited Billy’s youth ministry with a powerful move of the Spirit. Certainly, this left him forever marked with a burning desire for God and for revival.

He transitioned in 2003 to plant the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Atlanta, where he has served as a director.

“Billy Humphrey and his wife, Maribeth, are committed to preparing a generation for global revival, end-time judgments, and the return of the Lord Jesus.

He continue to serves as director of the house of prayer.

Billy is the author of three books: The Culture of the Kingdom, Unceasing and To Know Him. Above all, Billy’s interests include Family, Football & Fishing, in that order.

Recently, he became a co-pastor of New Bridge Church when IHOP Atlanta and New Bridge Church merged to form “The Missions Base”. We believe this merger is a catalytic event and has the potential to spark a move of the Spirit among our communities. Furthermore, we see the merger as an activity that honors Jesus as the Bridegroom. In other words, we are declaring a testimony of Kingdom unity as a facet the church must embrace. Above all, we feel the Lord will use this merger as a testimony of His wisdom.

Billy and his wife Maribeth have four children, Evan, Siah, Coby & Riah.

Billy and his wife Maribeth have four children, Evan, Siah, Coby & Riah.