In October 2004, Billy Humphrey helped started IHOP Atlanta hopeful that the Lord would build His house of prayer. They started with 40 hours of worship and prayer and as God added intercessory missionaries, they added more prayer. In no time, they expanded their weekly prayer meetings to cover over 120 hours a week.

On February 12, 2006 what was previously only a dream became a reality, as the IHOP Atlanta prayer room was expanded to

They were amazed as God continued to bring people who were giving themselves to this vision. On February 12, 2006 the IHOP Atlanta prayer room went 24/7.

The prayer meeting that started on February 12, 2006 continues to this day, without ceasing.

The prayer meeting that started on February 12, 2006 continues to this day, without ceasing. God has continued and will continue to gather people from around the nation to see that the fire on the altar never goes out. It’s astounding to think that there has never been a worship-led prayer meeting that continued unabated for this length of time in our city and that is never the same! Prayer and worship never cease to arise from our city to our great God.


The prayer room at IHOP Atlanta is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for anyone who wants to participate in worship and prayer. Staffed with musicians and singers, the prayer room offers you the opportunity to seek the Lord in private devotion or to engage with other believers in corporate intercession. All are welcome to come and go freely. In addition, feel free to join in with the corporate worship and prayer. For example, Feel free to sit, stand, or pace up and down the aisles. In conclusion, we simply ask that you do it in a manner that honors and glorifies the Lord.

The 3 components of the IHOP Atlanta Missions base are Church, Prayer and Mission. In 2018, IHOP Atlanta and New Bridge Church merged to form “The Missions Base”. This merger is a catalytic event and has the potential to spark a move of the Spirit among our communities. Further see the merger as an activity that honors and glorifies King Jesus as the Bridegroom of a unified Bride. In other words, we are declaring a testimony of Kingdom unity as a critical facet the church must embrace in this hour. Above all, we feel the Lord will use this merger as a testimony of His wisdom.