John G. Lake’s Baptism in the Holy Spirit


The following account is John G. Lake’s testimony of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Lake was an avid seeker of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. His testimony highlights how God answers hunger. A point that impressed me is that Lake describes the six months following this experience as a continual wrestle with God in which the Lord convicted Him of sin and brought Him to repentance. Rather than experiencing the immediate fruit of power, he experienced the immediate fruit of love breeding holiness. Lake’s ministry was hallmarked by 100,000 confirmed healings in Spokane, Washington, a huge testimony of the depth of encounter He had with God. How we need “these mighty shocks of power” today. (I’ve edited his account slightly to make it easier to read)

“In October 1907 the Lord in His goodness baptized me with the Holy Ghost after several months of deep heart searching and repentance unto God at the home of a friend.

Brother Thomas Hezmalhalch had invited me to accompany him to pray for a sister who was an invalid and had been in a wheelchair for a number of years.

As we entered the home, I felt a great calm resting upon me. I did not feel to join in the conversation. Brother Tom proceeded to instruct the sister from the Word concerning healing, and I sat in a deep leather chair on the opposite side of the room. My soul was drawing out in a great silent heart cry to God.

“O Jesus, I so long for the baptism of the Holy Ghost, but I feel so unworthy; so far from thee. O Christ, if it be possible to baptize such as me, please baptize me. I am so hungry, so tired of trying, so weary of doing things myself. I am sick of sin, sick of self, sick of trying, sick of working, etc. etc.”

Presently, a great quiet came upon me deepening rapidly into a peace such as I had never before known or experienced – a quiet of spirit, soul, and body. My being was soothed in a perfect calm, so deep, so quiet. My mind was perfectly still. I said, “O, Jesus, what is this – the calm of God? Is this the baptism of the Holy Ghost?”

Presently, it seemed as if I had passed under a warm tropical rain that was falling not upon me, but through me. The realization of peace was such as I had never known. The rain continued to fall upon me. O, the rest of soul. O, the quiet of God. O, the peace of that hour. The peace – I cannot describe – that passeth all understanding. This condition of peace was so great I feared to breathe. It was as the silence of heaven.

The saving rain continued to fall upon me. It soothed my brain. It soothed my body. It soothed my spirit. Would it ever stop? I feared it might. I said, “O God, I did not know there was such a place of rest as this.”

Then I became conscious of a change coming over me. Instead of the rain, currents of power were running through me from my head to my feet, seemingly into the floor. These shocks of power came intermittently, possibly ten seconds apart. They increased in voltage until, after a few minutes, my frame shook and vibrated under these mighty shocks of power. Then as I shook and trembled, the shocks of power followed each other with more apparent rapidity and intensity.

I could have fallen on the floor except for the depth of the chair in which I sat.

Again a change. The shocks of power lessened in intensity and now have taken hold of my lower jaw. It moved up and down and sidewise in a manner new to me. My tongue and throat began to move in a manner I could not control. Presently, I realized I was speaking in another tongue, a language I had never learned. O, the sense of power. The mighty moving of the Spirit in me. The consciousness it was God who had come.”

7 thoughts on “John G. Lake’s Baptism in the Holy Spirit

  1. I know. I’m stirred for this.

    This story continues with him touching the lady who needed healing and the power of God goes through her and hits brother Thomas, causing him to get knocked back.

    Do it in our day, Lord.

  2. wow, awesome testimony. It’s timely for me that you are sharing all of these. I appreciate them, thank you.

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