Intercession for Revival

The greatest need in our nation today is Revival. In fact the ONLY hope for America is Revival. We must have a massive move of the Holy Spirit to answer the extreme problems we face.  Nothing else will do. There is no other prescription. God-birthed, God-breathed Revival that gives way to the Third Great Awakening is our only hope.

Revival is a recovery of life and breath. It’s when something that used to be alive once again flourishes. The church in America must be revived. Though she was once a shining lamp of the Gospel to the nations now she is only shadow of her former fire. She must once again be filled with the fire of God, burning with His presence & passion. Without a reviving, the church will continue, lifelessly impotent, without influence or authority in our sin riddled world.  The church MUST return to her first love, that she might be the burning & shining lamp Jesus has destined her to be. Beloved, we need revival.

Whereas Revival is brings back to life what was once alive…Awakening is new life from the dead. When the church burns brightly with the fires of revival THEN an only then, will the lost be converted in mass numbers. Revival must hit the church first and then the world will experience Awakening.

The church in revival will declare, with authority, the beauty and majesty of God. She will testify of the resurrected Christ with powerful proclamations of the Gospel and confirming signs & wonders. She will blaze with holiness that testifies to the truth that God is once again in her midst. As a living testimony of the glory of God, she will compel the lost to salvation.

The day of revival & awakening is not a vain hope or merely some story from days long gone by. I believe it is a day in the future of our nation…IF…the church will cry out to God for another awakening. There is still hope for our nation and it will be found in the place of prayer.

We’ve had enough programs, plans, plays, & potlucks…we need a gripping spirit of PRAYER to possess our hearts that we might lay hold of heaven for revival. It’s time we take responsibility for our sin, our prayerlessness, our lukewarmness, and turn to God with our hearts rent, persevering in prayer, to see a breakthrough of God’s Glory envelop our nation.

Beloved, this is why I am calling 100,000 believers to commit to pray at least 1 hour a week for revival in America. If we will cry out to God to send breakthrough, He will answer by fire.

Jeremiah 33:3 Call to me and I will answer you and show you mighty things which you do not know.

The key is for us to call on God that He would show His glory in our day, in our nation.  If what I’ve written expresses a desire of your heart, I’m asking you to join with me by praying at least 1 hour a week for revival. If you are making this commitment, sign up on the Intercession for Awakening Facebook page here.

Let’s contend in prayer and believe God together for a Third Great Awakening in America.

5 thoughts on “Intercession for Revival

  1. Thanks for posting this, we need to hear it until change comes and until people are gathering to pray like God wants us to…. not only corporately but personally. …
    Thanks for leading this in the Southeast USA and beyond…
    I hope this will spread and that individuals will take it upon themself to get with people
    in their church or community and pray 1 hour together…

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