The Greater Glory

First off… My apologies for the lack of blogging during the month of March.  With the addition of weekly awakening services my schedule and life has been turned upside down.  Hopefully I’ll find the blogging rhythm once again. Here’s an update on the awakening meetings and some additional thoughts.

We just completed our 10th weekend of extended meetings and my heart is so grateful for all that the Lord has done and simultaneously so hungry for more of His presence. This past weekend we baptized 20 people and saw several more give there lives to the Lord. My favorite baptism was a guy that got saved, spirit-filled and slain in the spirit last weekend and then baptized in water, making a public profession of his faith, this weekend. The fun part is that he works at IHOP (the pancake place).

Just this weekend we had people testify of being healed of hypothyroidism(medically verified), panic attacks, migraine headaches and the pain of sexual abuse. I am so thankful for all the Lord is doing and so hungry for more. We have extended the services indefinitely.  As long as God keeps pouring out His Spirit we are going to continue to make room for Him to move. More Lord!

Service times are Friday & Saturday at 7pm, Sunday at 6pm. Come this weekend, hungry for the outpouring of His Spirit.

I have been meditating on 2Cor 3:7-8. “But if the ministry of death, written and engraved on stones, was glorious, so that the children of Israel could not look steadily at the face of Moses because of the glory of his countenance, which glory was passing away,  8  how will the ministry of the Spirit not be more glorious?

I am convinced that God’s intention for the new covenant was to increase the ministry of the Spirit and the manifestation of His glory. He never intended for the manifestation of His Glory to decrease, but rather that the manifestation of His glory in the New Testament would dwarf the glory that Moses experienced in the old.

Consider it, Paul says, “what was made glorious had no glory in this respect, because of the glory that excels.” (2Cor 3:10). This means that the manifestation of glory that is available to the Church is so extreme that it is supposed to make Moses look like he had no glory manifest in His life! What does that even look like? Moses face shone with the glory of God, yet that is to be far surpassed by the glory manifest through believers now.  The church has not seen this yet.  But I am convinced we will. The greater glory is not simply a theological truth it is a prophetic promise!

Paul goes on to say, in 2Cor 5:4, that we groan and are burdened because we desire to be clothed with glory. This is the cry of every human heart, to experience God’s glory until we are clothed with glory and our mortality is swallowed up with life.

Oh God, RELEASE THE GREATER GLORY. It’s coming beloved. Let’s pray and believe until we experience it manifest in our lives and churches.  MORE LORD!

One thought on “The Greater Glory

  1. Thank you for continually reminding me/us that there’s more glory that the Father delights to reveal to me/us…

    Last night I had a dream that I was riding in a horse-drawn carriage with friends towards a city that I knew to be the church. I was joking and having fun and suddenly smoke started coming out of my right pointer finger [God uses that finger to tell me it’s a prophetic picture for what’s about to happen]. So naturally I start drawing in the air with it and it leaves a trail of smoke as we travel. [It was fun to play with and write words, etc]

    The closer we got to the city I could see a cloud of fog that was enveloping it and I knew it was Shekinah. [It was a massive version of what was coming out of my finger.] Furthermore, I knew that inside that city was not only Shekinah but also lightning and thunder like in Revelation 4 and that it was a place that was full of the glory of God.

    In that place, the fear of the Lord hit my heart and I was suddenly still thrilled but almost panicked because I knew it wasn’t something small that I could mess with and contain but rather the entire atmosphere was saturated with the nature of God and it made my heart tremble (for real). Sort of the feeling “There’s no going back now but I think I’ll die if I go into that.”

    –Continuing to contend. GC.

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