Seek the Lord while He may be found – More on the Outpouring at IHOP-Atlanta

James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…” I love James’ promise that if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us. This verse has long been a source of courage for me in my pursuit of heaven, for I know if I seek Him, I will find Him.

Isaiah offers another perspective… Isa 55:6 says, “Seek the LORD while He may be found; call upon Him while He is near.”  Isaiah makes it clear that there are divinely appointed seasons when God draws near. It is in these times that we are admonished to respond to the Lord by seeking Him in a focused way. The point is, when God comes near, we are to press pause on other engagements and draw near to God with hearts of hunger and faith.

Over the last several weeks at IHOP Atlanta, God has drawn near to us. I am not saying that we have experienced all there is to God’s glory and presence.  I know that we have only experienced a trickle. But what we are experiencing is so much more than we have experienced up to now.

Over the last few weeks we have seen God heal and deliver in a powerful way. Five people have had their eyesight restored, no longer needing glasses.Two people were instantly healed of asthma. Multiple others have received physical healing: including healing from hearing loss, tendon damage, fractured or broken bones, infections, migraines and a variety of other ailments.

At the same time others have testified of deliverance from controlling life issues such as sexual perversion, depression, self-hatred and demonic torment. God’s love and power are being poured out in a unique way drawing hearts to love Jesus with abandonment. The joy of the Lord is filling His people, captivating their hearts and the goodness of God is leading people to repentance.

I have pursued God for bonafide revival for the greater part of my Christian life. I have longed for His Spirit to move with power, reviving the church and releasing reformation in the world. I have been careful not to call every “spark” a “bonfire” because I desire the real thing without hype. I don’t know the extent of what is currently happening at IHOP-Atlanta, but I do know that God is moving in a special way. One thing I have learned through years of pursuit is that when God begins to move, the only viable response is to go for it by following Isaiah’s admonition …”seek the Lord while He may be found.”

If you are hungry for a move of God, if you need physical healing, or if you just want to experience God’s nearness and be refreshed in His presence, come this weekend to IHOP-Atlanta with a heart of expectancy. I believe the Lord wants to release a greater measure of His presence and power and pour His Spirit on all who are thirsty (Isa 44:3).

Service Times are:

  • Friday, Feb 19th at 7pm
  • Saturday, Feb 20th at 6pm
  • Sunday at Feb 21st at 6pm

David Sliker from IHOP-KC will again be with us and has committed to continue to travel to Atlanta and serve the Lord’s purpose as long as God continues to pour out His Spirit.

5 thoughts on “Seek the Lord while He may be found – More on the Outpouring at IHOP-Atlanta

  1. ThankS to the Lord.. is moving down… I am just thinking what is going to happen when the south wind that is coming from pools of revival in Latinamerica will join what the Lord is doing up north Now…. MORE LORD.. more.. WE love YOU

  2. I have never thought of Isa 55 describing revival until I heard you speak about it in that context some years ago. It is so good and makes so much sense. I have been understanding more about the Holy Spirit than ever before in the meetings. Its as if I am getting to know intimate information about a best friend. Running with you bro!

  3. Dear Billy,

    I absolutely identify with your comment about asking God to send revival for much of your christian life.

    Me to. The reason why is because we have forgotten Him, and our society is so sick, only God can save us.

    I read about the Great Awakening in the 1740’s. It was the preaching of the Word that seems to have been what God used then to revive His people. Preaching accompanied by brokeness for sin which and then changed lifestyles!

    I am praying that God sends revival so that His people will by enabled to live changed lifstyles so they are different and set apart for service.

    Would you please comment on the quality of expository preaching going on?

    1. I too greatly appreciate the preaching of the leaders of the Great Awakening, Edwards, Whitefield etc… As far as our meetings, I wouldn’t presume that any of our exhortations have been on par with those great preachers. As far as the model of the meetings we are currently more in the vein of the Welsh Revival or Azusa Street, where the meetings were driven by prayer, worship, exhortations and testimony. Note, I am in no way saying we are anywhere near the scale of those great revivals, we have a trickle, but just that the model that we use is more along those lines. We are reserving Sunday AM’s for our teaching and preaching focus while Friday, Saturday, Sunday night are driven by worship, prayer, testimony and biblical exhortations. MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU!

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