Update on the move of the Spirit at IHOP-Atlanta

Something unusual has happened here at IHOP-Atlanta the last few weekends. It’s difficult to explain any encounter with the Lord. You never want to hype or overstate anything. But simultaneously you want to credibly do justice to what has happened.  As I considered how I might faithfully relate what the Lord has been doing in our midst, I was reminded of Jesus’ words to John the Baptist’s disciples, “Go and tell … the things you have seen and heard…” (Luke 7:22). So here it goes…

Last weekend we called special renewal services because we felt impressed that the Lord was moving in an unusual way. On Tuesday the same presence of God we felt the previous weekend was released in our all-staff prayer meeting. Many were encountered by the Holy Spirit, most notably the children.  The next day in our school, the classes were interrupted by the power of God. Many of the children experienced the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit in profound ways.  As I went to the school building to see what was happening, I was greeted with the tangible presence of the Lord and my legs began to physically tremble.  I entered a classroom that had been overtaken by the Holy Spirit to find 20 or so 4th & 5th graders in travail with tears streaming down their faces, crying out for God to come in power and revival. It was fearsome. You can’t teach a thing like that. It was a sovereign in-breaking of the Holy Spirit.

On Friday David Sliker and Brent Steeno from IHOP-KC flew in to help lead the weekend’s meetings. That evening as we gathered there was a real sense of expectation. The room was full and you could sense the spiritual hunger. In moments the presence of God filled the place and the power of the Holy Spirit was in manifestation. Jesus was doing it again. Friday through Sunday night we experienced the same outpouring of the Holy Spirit we had experienced the previous weekend. Many were touched with the power of the Holy Spirit. Many were weeping, laughing, falling, trembling and shaking under the Spirit’s power. Many testified of physical and emotional healings.

The physical healing included healing from Mononucleosis and Hypothyroidism. A fractured ankle was instantly healed as was a broken toe and hemorrhoids :).

My favorite physical healing was a lady whose eyesight was healed. I got to witness her eyesight being restored firsthand. She had received prayer on Saturday at which time her eyes began to burn but she did not have an immediate change in her vision. Our staff member encouraged her to continue to believe that she received her healing. She came back to the meeting on Sunday night with her eyes still burning.  She told me she purposely left her “coke-bottle” glasses at home, believing her healing would manifest. Toward the end of the meeting she realized that she could read the video screens. She came over to tell her testimony with her husband standing by her side. I asked her to read a paper with 12pt font at arms length. She began slowly and then read several sentences breaking down in tears as she read. She was completely healed! Her name is FAITH! Her husband and I high-fived and hugged as he confirmed that she could’ve never read that page without her glasses.

We also received multiple testimonies of emotional healing and deliverance, including deliverance from depression, self-hatred and the emotional scars from sexual abuse. Many, many experienced a dramatic refreshing and renewing in the love of God.

Another sweet testimony came from a young girl named Angel. She told us that she had not been to church very much. In fact the only church she had ever been to was one where, “You weren’t allowed to talk.” On Sunday night she walked into the house of prayer and almost immediately began to weep. She said the people were so joyful and she wanted to know what she needed to do to experience this same joy. The friend who brought her, shared the gospel with her and Angel immediately gave her life to Jesus! As I prayed for her she began to shake and weep as the presence of the Holy Spirit flowed over her. It was absolutely beautiful.

God has given us a prophetic word that He has opened a fountain of refreshing over IHOP-Atlanta and that He is changing the International House of Prayer to the International House of Presence.  I believe this is what we are experiencing right now. A fountain has been opened and living water is pouring forth.  This morning as I walked into the building I immediately felt the weighty presence of the Holy Spirit upon me. Even now as I write this blog, I sense His presence, draping me like a heavy cloak.

I don’t know how long this season of visitation will last. But I do know that we want to give the Holy Spirit as much room as possible so He can move as He pleases. Therefore, we are extending the renewal services for at least the next two weekends, the 12th – 14th and 19th – 21st. David Sliker from IHOP-KC has agreed to make trips to Atlanta to serve the Lord’s purpose in this outpouring for as long as the Lord is moving by His Spirit. All I can say is “More LORD!”

Service times are:

  • Friday @ 7pm
  • Saturday & Sunday @ 6pm

Please forward this blog to whomever you think is interested to know about this outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Go to www.ihop-atlanta for information and directions.

6 thoughts on “Update on the move of the Spirit at IHOP-Atlanta

  1. Billy, even as I read that, I felt the presence of the Spirit move my heart in a very powerful way… While you’re at it down there, could you pray that the Lord would send some up our way in Dayton, OH?

  2. Love it, bro! So cool to see what the Lord is doing. Several months ago we had a woman’s vision healed. It was on a Sunday Morning service, she had the same burning sensation in her eyes. On the way home, she noticed that she had a hard time seeing with her glasses on! When she took them off, she saw perfectly. All this was confirmed by her doctor.
    I love the times we are living in. The Lord is releasing his love through power.

  3. I believe this rainy season we’ve had is prophetic. He sent rain to break the drought in the land, now He’s sending Living Water to break the spiritual drought.

  4. Miss you guys, Billy. Just want to let you know that I am reading and following what you guys are doing/what the Lord is doing among you and I am so thankful for it! The Lord is doing things here in East Texas, too, for sure. Love y’all. Bless you. JP

  5. I can testify to all the great things happening at ihop
    I was there the 1st nite and other nites remaining when His Spirit broke out. Actually I h
    ad been praying for it for years. I feel that the Holy Spirit needs to flow so that the move and plans of god can really manifest.
    On a particular night I must of shook for at least an hour or more … I felt the fire of the
    Lord after someone had prayed with me. As I shook on the floor
    Jesus said my spirit is burning within you. I am his missionary
    And coming to ihop was just what I had needed for a deeper intimacy with him …

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