???????????????????As gay activists celebrate the overturning of DOMA, my heart goes out to them, since I know this social experiment is ultimately doomed to failure.

To be sure, I understand that this is just not a political victory for men and women who identify as gay and lesbian. It is an intensely personal, even emotional victory, just as President Obama’s statement last year that he now supported same-sex marriage brought tears to gay leaders.

To the homosexual community, the Supreme Court’s ruling speaks of legitimacy, equality and fairness. To them, it is a matter of family life, of moms (and moms) and dads (and dads) and kids, of proper societal standing, of a nation making right its grievous wrongs.

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A key battle ground over the issues of homosexuality and gay marriage is the Bible. What does the Bible actually say about Homosexuality? This subject has become a very blurry one in recent days. Though there are explicit Scriptures that identify homosexuality as sin, there are also gay apologists who offer alternative interpretations to these texts seemingly overthrowing traditional interpretations in favor of viewpoints that affirm homosexuality. My desire is to address these issues by honoring the biblical texts and allowing them to determine what our view should be on these extremely important issues. In this blog I offer the traditional view of the main Scriptures that identify homosexuality as a sin, briefly state some of the arguments that gay-affirming theologians use to counter those texts, and then offer responses to those counter arguments.

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question mark - rainbowBecause there are so many questions swirling around this issue, I felt it necessary to address some of the most common ones. This is by no means an exhaustive apologetic on the issues, but hopefully it will be a helpful reference and guide to those who are honestly seeking truth. I desire that my words are read through the heart that I expressed earlier this week. Here goes…Answers to 7 of the most common questions. Read More

rainbow-flagLast week the Supreme Court ruled on two extremely important cases regarding the legalization of same sex marriage in America. Both of these rulings have strengthened the stance of gay marriage advocates and seemingly paved the way for the wholesale acceptance of gay marriage nation wide.

As a result I feel the Church is at an urgent moment and therefore it’s extremely important to address the issues of homosexuality and gay marriage at this time. Some would question my motives for addressing these issues. No need to question, here’s the reasoning behind my rationale: Read More

phelpsI want to take responsibility for those who claim Christianity and have acted despicably toward those who are homosexual. There are many who have spewed hatred and acted reprehensibly. I apologize on behalf of them all. Their behavior in no way reflects the nature of Jesus and is totally unacceptable. I am deeply sorry for the anger and vitriol you have faced from Christians. Read More