arab-eyesThe socio-political climate in the Middle East has been tumultuous for decades. One could argue it’s been in a state of turbulence since the time God first called Abraham out of Haran to a land He would reveal. With the “Arab Spring” of the last several years, it seems that conditions are intensifying right before our eyes. As we speak, Syria continues in a civil war that has claimed 100,000 lives and seen over a million refugees flood neighboring Lebanon and Jordan. Egypt’s revolution has radically intensified with the ouster of Muhammad Morsi. Just a few weeks prior, Turkey came to the brink of it’s own revolution. And don’t forget within the last two years Libya & Tunisia had full blown revolutions that deposed each of their respective presidents. At the same time, at least another 15 other Middle Eastern countries have had significant conflicts.

All of these events beg the question: Where is all this heading? What’s coming next in the Middle East? I can’t predict the next revolutionary movement, but I do have a few thoughts as to what is ahead socially and spiritually for the region. Read More

The-Middle-EastIn April I took a trip to the Middle East, visiting four countries (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt) in ten day. It was a whirlwind. By the end I was physically exhausted but spiritually charged. My heart was filled with wonder at the testimonies I heard. I want to share a few with you to spark your vision and call you to pray for God to move in greater power in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. I have to be vague regarding locations and names for security sake, but just know that these are all testimonies I heard firsthand, asking LOTS of questions to verify the details. Read More

Egypt RevolutionLast week I was amazed to watch the events unfold that led to Egypt’s second revolution within the last 2 years. Last Wednesday, Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s 5th president, was deposed after serving only a year in office. Over 22 million Egyptians signed a petition calling for His removal and some reports estimate 25 million attended public protests unto this end.

You remember that former Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, was ousted in February of 2011 after 18 days of revolutionary protests that also saw scores of Egyptians take to the streets demanding his removal. With Morsi’s ouster has come much resistance and violence. Some estimates place the death toll over 90, with the number injured surpassing 3000. Morsi’s supporters, many of whom are conservative muslims, have staged counter-protests and vowed bloody retaliation.  I believe it’s likely that Egypt is on the brink of full-fledged civil war. Read More