day-and-nightIsa 62:6 – 7  I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the LORD, do not keep silent, 7  And give Him no rest till He establishes And till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.

God is raising up a prayer movement all across the earth right now. I stand in awe as I see the  Scriptures being fulfilled in a very specific way in this generation. In no other generation has night and day prayer taken hold as it has in our generation.  Twenty years ago, a ministry of 24-hour worship and intercession would have been an oddity in the body of Christ. Today, all over the world God is raising up praying churches and houses of prayer who are devoted  to night and day worship and prayer. God has made ceaseless worship and intercession a central focus of His church and it continues to grow.

In Isaiah 62, God declares that He has set watchmen(intercessors) in place who will pray night and day until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth (i.e. Jesus returns).  Though this Scripture has not yet been fulfilled, God says He has set the intercessors in place. This means He has people in mind that He has called to pray night and day. When God says He has done something, even if we have not seen its complete fulfillment, it is guaranteed to come to pass, it’s just a matter of time. The fact that we are seeing night and day prayer being established all over the earth right now tells us that we are living in the fulfillment of Isaiah 62:6-7.  What an amazing thought!  In our day, we are not simply believing for His promises to come to pass, we are actually seeing their fulfillment.

All over the world believers are hearing and heeding the call to night and day prayer and worship. In Asia, Central and South America, Africa and Europe, God is raising up His house of prayer. In the United States, thousands are heeding this call. I believe that there will be literally millions drawn to the global prayer and mission movement before the Lord returns. God is releasing the greatest mission movement the earth has ever seen in order to bring in the greatest harvest of souls the earth has ever seen just before the greatest time of shaking the earth has ever seen. Night and day prayer is His plan to bring all these things to pass.

Perhaps, as you are reading this, your heart is resonating with these truths. If you’re like me, you recognize that our world is in dire need of a massive breakthrough from heaven and there is no program or man-made ministry endeavor that can bring it to pass. It’s as if I can hear the words of Jeremiah ringing in my ears, “Your affliction is incurable, and your wound is severe(Jer 30:12).”  We no longer have time to “try out” the latest ministry fad or church growth strategy. The only thing that makes sense for us to do is to cry out to the Lord with perpetual, fervent, sustained prayer in order to see the spiritual climate shift over our cities. This is God’s action plan for this hour to bring about the greatest reformation the world has ever seen.

Maybe you sense a divine destiny upon your life but you have yet to find your niche. It’s possible that God is calling you to prayer and missions as your vocation. Through prayer and proclamation the church will see the Kingdom of God released in power all over the earth. Perhaps God is calling you to participate in night and day prayer to see these things come to pass.

I want to encourage you to seek the Lord regarding your part in His plan. Perhaps you are one that He wants to set as a watchman on the wall. Ask the Lord to make your assignment clear. And as He does, regardless of the specifics, I want to encourage you to give yourself, to worship and prayer in a focused way. And if you feel called to the ministry of night and day prayer I encourage you to consider doing an internship at IHOP Atlanta as part of your journey. Training missionaries in the context of night and day prayer is one of our key mandates.

History belongs to the intercessors and now is the hour that God is setting watchmen on the wall.  Are you one that God has destined to change the course of history in America and the nations of the earth? When we humble ourselves before the Lord and give ourselves, with abandonment, to a lifestyle of continuous and fervent, fasting and prayer God will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land (2 Chron 7:14). This is the only hope for our nation. Let’s believe together for God to release great revival in the earth.

If you’ve got any questions about prayer and missions or IHOP-Atlanta training programs, I’d love to hear from you. Comment below and we can connect.


  1. Matthew Lilley

    Thank you for your blog Billy! I am called to day & night worship and prayer in Greenville, NC. The Lord won’t let me leave this area 🙂 I have a family of five. We are planted strongly here. I’m raising support full-time already. The only missionary (so far) called to this here. We have a small community that has functioned off and on as a house of prayer, currently connected in with The Burn 24-7. Any input on seeing God raise up more prayer/intercessory missionaries? I will continue to “pray them in” and “keep on” regardless. God has set me here. God bless!

    • Billy Humphrey

      @Matthew, Bro, it’s my pleasure. I am glad that the blog is helpful. You’re exactly who I’m aiming at. If we don’t quit, we win. Be patient. God is sending the reinforcements. Blessings!

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