Having been a youth pastor for 13 years prior to planting IHOP-Atlanta, I know what it looks like when God grips teens.  You can’t make teens “get on fire”, you can’t talk them into it.  But when they get touched by the power of God, the sky is the limit on how radical they will become. 

This past weekend God moved powerfully on many of our young people.  I watched them pray and prophesy with boldness and power.

One guy testified of receiving prayer from a few of our teens.  As they were praying for him, he heard them begin to command the spirit of anger to leave him.  He felt something dislodge in his soul, felt a moment of rage and then felt complete freedom as the spirit left him.  Realizing he had just been delivered he told the teens that they did not have to continue to command the spirit of anger to leave, since he was already free. They didn’t understand what he meant and asked him what he was talking about.  He said, “You’ve been praying against the spirit of anger to leave me and it has, I am free.”

They told him that they had not been praying in English, but rather just praying over him in tongues!  How cool! He was actually hearing the interpretation of the tongues and God was using the prayer of the teens to drive the devil out. That’s not something you can teach… it’s something that a person gripped with the fire of God manifests as they pursue the Lord.

Here’s a little video I took after our Sunday AM service last weekend.  This little prayer meeting broke out spontaneously about 15 mins after the service dismissed.  These youth were praying and prophesying and heavily touched by the Holy Spirit. The scene was fearsome.  All I can say is MORE LORD!

If you haven’t heard yet, we are extending the renewal services through the month of March. For more information go to www.ihop-atlanta.com.


  1. Juan Smith

    Pastor Billy,

    I just want to say how in awe I am of his presence. I was at the Renewing service last Friday and I was healed from 12 years of back problems and years of emotional issues from rejection.

    God is so good. His presence is so…Hmmph that’s all I can say. He is a mighty God!!!

    thank you for your love and committment to the work of the Lord.

  2. Ben Cunnington

    What an awesome testimony! It was so great to be with you guys in the ATL. God is moving powerfully there and we’re contending for the same here in Roseville. Thanks again for hosting us with such generosity and humility. You’re house of prayer is awesome dude!

  3. brad Brackfield

    More Lord!

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