How do I explain what happened this weekend?  It’s nearly impossible to communicate in a blog, but I will do my best.

Let me start by saying that I have a great distaste for hype or self-promotion.  I have a great value for reality and truth, especially when it comes to testifying of the works of the Lord.  I dont’ think exaggeration helps anyone. With that said, I hope what I share next stirs your hunger and faith.

This past weekend at IHOP-Atlanta we had a leadership summit with about 70 leaders from around the nation.  We were gathering to receive strategy and impartation to build the houses of prayer.  My good friend David Sliker, from IHOP-KC, has ministered with me and others in this event for the past five years. This year was different because He and I were the only speakers.

When I picked up Dave from airport Friday afternoon, he was deeply experiencing the Holy Spirit’s presence. He told me that when he woke up Friday morning he felt the Lord resting on him powerfully. That night at the summit it was evident to me that Dave was carrying a deposit from the IHOPU Student Awakening services in KC. The presence of the Lord was rich.

The next day the Lord began to deeply minister by His Spirit to the people. Dave said to me, “I think it’s going to blow up tonight.” I also felt like the Lord was building towards a climax on Saturday night. I felt led to speak on hunger for revival.  Just before the service Dave had a vision of angels holding buckets of coals of fire and wine over the building, ready to pour out the power of God on the gathering.

When I gave the altar call the leaders responded with great hunger to see a breakthrough of the power of God in their regions. When I asked the Lord to release His fire, the fire of God fell on the gathering. Many were groaning and shaking under the power of God. Dave then came up and asked the Lord to release the refreshing wine of His Spirit. Within a few moments the room was engulfed in the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit.  God coursed through the place for the next several hours. Many were weeping, laughing, falling shaking and experiencing the refreshing touch of God’s love upon their soul. We didn’t get out of there until 12:30 AM. God’s love was so real and His presence so tangible.  I didn’t get to sleep that night until after 2:30.

The scenes and experiences were so familiar. I have been in many revival & renewal services in my life. I am so thankful how God moved.  I couldn’t help but wonder if He was doing something that might be lasting.  I figured we would know if something was really happening after Sundays services.

The next morning our normal Sunday AM crowd was joined by the leadership summit crowd.  The room was full and the worship was really sweet. During worship Dave had a profound encounter with the Lord.  The Lord told him that He had opened a fountain over IHOP-Atlanta and the the Lord was going to transform the International House of Prayer into the International House of Presence. Once we prayed for the Holy Spirit to come, the same power that we experienced Saturday night manifested again all across the room.  The service went from 10:00am til about 1:30pm. God was moving.  I was filled with expectancy as to what the evening service might hold. I could feel myself beginning to believe that maybe God was up to something more than just a good weekend of services.  The risk of faith can seem so feeble.  But the Lord loves it when we dare to believe in His greatness.

You have to understand, I REALLY LOVE a move of the Spirit of God. But I am also exceedingly jealous for the real deal. I don’t want to call every spark a bonfire. I seriously petitioned the Lord as to what He had in store for us.  Could it be that God was opening a fountain of refreshing here in Atlanta?

Suffice to say, last night’s service was amazing.  The power of God broke upon us in waves. The Holy Spirit blew through the house of prayer as many were drunk in the Spirit and refreshed in the love of God.  15-20 people were instantly healed of various sicknesses and infirmities. When I left at 12:30AM, 25 – 30 people were still here. Most were on the floor, drunk in the spirit, overwhelmed with the Presence of God.

At some point during the meeting I felt the Lord invite me to call additional meetings to make room for the fountain of the Lord to continue to flow and refresh us.  Dave and our senior leadership team were unanimous that we should continue the meetings. Therefore we are going to hold more renewal services this weekend at IHOP-Atlanta. Dave has agreed to fly back to Atlanta this weekend to help serve what the Lord is doing here.

Service Times are:

  • Friday, Feb 5th @7pm
  • Saturday, Feb 6th @ 6pm
  • Sunday, Feb 7th @ 6pm.

As I am writing this the Lord’s presence is resting upon me.  I am so hungry for an outbreak of the Holy Spirit in Atlanta.  If you are hungry for a move of God in your life I want to invite you to join us this weekend. Who knows what God will do.  I know this, my faith is stirred to see an outbreak of God’s power engulf and overwhelm our city and nation. I want to engage with whatever the Lord is doing unto this end.

We don’t know if we will continue past this weekend, we just want to show up with hunger and ask the Holy Spirit to come. Come join us.

Would you forward this blog to those you know that might be interested.  I believe God wants to open up a fountain of refreshing and turn it into a river of fire that will birth revival and reformation.


  1. Christine Lyszczasz

    Billy, I attended the Sunday Pm Encounter Service. You mentioned that Abba, Father just wanted us to have fun and are welcomed into His house. Last night, I had a dream, that you came to our house. We invited you in and you went to the game room to play video games. After awhile I thought, being a good host, I should ask if you wanted to have something to drink, If you were thirsty, and you said sure! I brought you some grape juice…new wine? and you drank it, said thanks and left. Later some fathers came in to pick up their children, who were in another room, and they sat down in front of me. They put on clothing and hats that looked like the Masons,which surprised me. I remember asking them, what are you doing !? I then woke up. We must wake up ! Today you talked about Abba, Father wanting us to come into His house to play. The house is open ! Come and have fun with Abba, as He Heals, Delivers, and Loves us to Wholeness ! Let Him, Our Beloved, Dance and Sing over us ! Let There Be Joy In The House Of The Lord !

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